The Path to Mastery II

A Journey of Professional and Personal Development

This developmental training journey offers Practitioners an opportunity to belong in an ongoing learning and practice group focused on mastering organisational constellations, systemic coaching, supervision and facilitation.  Through a mix of teaching, sharing and practice participants will connect with the inner stance, build fresh understanding of the underpinning philosophy and practice application in a breadth of contexts.
This journey begins in a Mediterranean retreat in September 2020 followed every six months by a module in the UK, through to autumn 2022 when the group returns to Spain for another residential week.

Who is this for?

Those who have completed Coaching Constellations ‘Walking in the Field’ Practitioner training and

  • who wish to belong in an ongoing learning and professional practice group that will journey and learn together over time
  • are ready to go to their learning edge so that this ‘applied philosophy’ is more deeply understood, integrated and applied in their lives, work and professional practice
  • wish to deepen their capacity to design and facilitate systemic interventions in any setting including individual or group supervision, 1-2-1 coaching, team coaching, group workshop facilitation, training, OD and other contexts
  • feel drawn to this way of learning and working in ways that may be hard to express but who feel resourced, enlightened and enlivened by it
  • may like to teach this approach and/or facilitate open workshops and so develop their skills and capacity to face into the complexities of sharing with others this somatic, phenomenological, intuitive work

“If we are facing in the right direction all we have to do is to keep walking.”

Buddhist Proverb

The teaching team

This personalised professional developmental journey will be facilitated by John Whittington plus international guest trainers Ty Francis and Klaus Horn. Lynn Stoney will lead the second module and will be joined by somatic experiencing practitioner Bevis Nathan in order to build greater somatic-awareness and presence for all participants. This will combine to offer a mix of learning of different kinds. Learning for the head, for the heart and for the body – all in support of personal alignment and professional expression.
John Whittington

Programme director, facilitator, trainer and author ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’

Klaus Horn

Guest trainer and author ‘Invisible Dynamics’

Lynn Stoney

Facilitator and trainer – family systems.

“Walk with your feet, not with your head.
If you walk with your head, you’ll get lost.”

Thich Nhat Han

The balance of exchange

What you will be offered

✣ Multiple opportunities to learn through new teaching (with John plus guest trainers Klaus Horn, Lynn Stoney and Ty Francis) new somatic exercises, classical and structural constellations.
✣ Learning by preparing for and then facilitating an experiential session for the whole group.
✣ Learning from others by their teaching and participating in the phenomenological exercises in their facilitated group sessions.
✣ An opportunity to swim in the deep river of insights into the human condition that this approach offers and extend your ability and confidence to share them in your client work.
✣ Belonging in a systemic community of practice and learning that embodies and enables this profound, yet practical approach.
✣ Opportunities to refine your ability to read system dynamics – and to expand your range and your repertoire of facilitation.
✣ Peer practice with learning through being the facilitator, an issue holder and representative.
✣ Individual supervision and developmental feedback with John; to support your preparation for the training, the integration and application of it in your specific context.

You will also be offered fresh teaching input built around practical, somatic exercises so you can master:

The Stance
Teaching and somatic excercises
  • Perceiving and facilitating systems through our 3 brains
  • ‘The Art of Not Helping’ and ‘The Facilitators’ dance’
  • ‘Contracting with the system’ – a checklist for systemic contracting
  • ‘The eye-of-the-needle’. Getting present by setting down what you carried
  • ‘The portfolio mirror’. Identifying your shadow in your client portfolio
  • ‘The Ages of Man’. Resourcing yourself from the inside out
The Practices
Teaching and somatic excercises
  • ‘The Five Stepping Stones’. A path through the phenomenology of a constellation.
  • ‘The Systemic Cat’s Cradle’ exercise to illustrate and experience interdependencies for you, for your clients
  • ‘Hidden loyalties, hidden treasure’ – an exercise
  • ‘Joining, Belonging, Leaving.’ The cycle of belonging in systems – an exercise
  • Reading a constellation – how to read the phenomenology of a constellation – a guide
  • ‘One true sentence’ – a way to identify just the right words at different stages of a constellation
  • ‘From tabletop to workshop’. A practical framework that allows many to facilitate a constellation.
  • Working with the Peacock’s Tail. A new model for working at the level of the system in one-to-one and team coaching
  • Using the cataleptic hand with clients to separate out projections and entanglements

Please note that teaching on other subject areas can also be requested, in advance, by the participants.

The Principles
Teaching and somatic excercises
  • Deepening your understanding and application of the organising principles of systems
  • Sharing of the organising principles with leaders – latest practice in practical ways
  • Belonging explained. A new somatic experience.
Application in context
Teaching and somatic exercises

Working in the field

  • ‘Leading with the System in Mind’ – the unwritten rules
  • How to support the emergence of organisational health
  • How to work with family businesses
  • The unique dynamics around founders
  • Working with the emerging future
  • Systemic Coaching without the constellation
  • Facilitating ‘classic’ constellations in intact teams
  • Working with non-personal representatives
  • Resourcing individuals to lead systems

One-to-one systemic coaching

  • Systemic ‘interviews’ and questions
  • Advanced applications of one-to-one work
  • The ‘3 me’s’ excercise for you and your clients
  • Resourcing yourself to work systemically

Team, group and system facilitation

  • The 10 golden rules for contracting and working with teams
  • Finding the ‘team sentence’ that limits and resources
  • A way of working with an intact team as the collective client
  • ‘The Cat’s Cradle’. A way to introduce teams to belonging and hidden loyalty
  • The systemic team appreciation exercise
  • Systemic sense-making with a team or group

Additional benefits

✣ The programme will include international guest trainers (to be announced) as well as mindfulness and simple movement (all levels) to support resourcing and somatic, embodied awareness. Find your still point with Yoga Nidra and release tension with massage, reflexology and the restoration of primitive movement.
✣ On completion of the first module you will be offered a place in this online International Master Practitioner map  showing the contact details you wish to share. This list of Master practitioners will be promoted through the ‘Coaching Constellations’, ‘Business Constellations’ and ‘Life Love Leadership’ websites.
✣ You will be awarded 126 hours of certified CPD and ICF CCEUs and a certificate that affirms your status as a ‘Master Practitioner in Systemic Coaching and Facilitation’
✣ A framework for a supported lifelong learning and development group will be offered during the journey

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

William Butler Yeats

The balance of exchange

What you are invited to prepare and share

  • Each of the participants will be invited to prepare a short session to share with the group. A sharing that is built around a particular systemic focus of your choosing.
  • In the same way that your Practitioner case study and book review took you deeper and offered you new learning, the preparation and delivery of your session will give you the opportunity to prepare and facilitate at your learning edge in a way that you and your peers will greatly benefit from. John can be on hand, if required, to support your preparation through Skype-based supervision.
  • Your session should include some background and context, but the majority of the session should be a practical activity the whole group can participate in and learn from. Please see suggestions on content and structure HERE.

My Path

You are also invited to consider creating a piece of reflective writing as you progress on this developmental journey.

Written reflections offer you a rich source of additional insight and can also inform and deepen the individual supervision that forms part of this integrated journey.

“If we want to work deeply with other people,
we need to open the depths in ourselves.”

Hunter Beaumont

Support for your learning:

  • You will be invited to support each other in a number of ways including the creation of a peer-practice group in between the modules and the formation of peer-pairs that stay connected between modules to support development and growth.
  • Optional video recording of your facilitated and practice sessions to support and deepen your learning will be available throughout the modules.
  • Individual systemic supervision, with John Whittington, to support your personal and professional journey and facilitation of systemic interventions is included in the programme.

Dates and modules

September 13th to September 19th 2020

Arrivals at Molino de Santillán hotel and yoga retreat Sunday 13th September 2020.
This first module, the retreat week, ends at lunchtime on Saturday 19th September.

As programme director John will hold the space, teach and facilitate on each day of this journey. On module one he will be joined by organisational systemic facilitator Klaus Horn who will teach one full day of this module. In addition health practitioners will work with the group to build contact with the body in support of the inner stance of this somatic approach.


3 days in Spring 2021 (Dates to be announced)
Salisbury, UK

This module will be held in the Medieval Cathedral city of Salisbury, Wiltshire. After an introduction by John it will be facilitated by Lynn Stoney and have as its focus family and personal system dynamics. It will be designed to deepen participants’ understanding of healthy human relationship systems and catalyse healing that builds personal presence and depth as a coach/facilitator. An introduction to somatic experiencing will also be included.


3 days in Autumn 2021 
London, UK

As well as teaching with John, practice and the sharing sessions this module will include a session with an international guest trainer on organisational constellations.


3 days in Spring 2022 
London, UK

As well as teaching with John, practice and the sharing sessions this module will include a session with an international guest trainer on an aspect organisational constellations.


3 days in autumn 2022
London, UK

This fifth module will build on and consolidate the previous four and provide further insights into systems and embodied work. In this last module the group will have opportunities to discuss and contract for an ongoing learning group.

Participants of this group will also be invited to establish a life-long supported learning peer group that continues after this structure concludes. A framework for this will be offered by John and Lynn during the journey.

Applications are considered on an individual basis.

The Path to Mastery II

A Journey of Professional and Personal Development