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One-to-one sessions for personal work

Lynn Stoney

Lynn is a constellations facilitator, supervisor and trainer working in one-to-one and group settings. Originally a teacher in both mainstream and special needs settings, she later ran trainings in systemic constellation work at the City Literary Institute. Lynn offers regular Open Circles in her home town of Salisbury to connect the theory and practice of systemic thinking in an accessible way. She is also a guest trainer on the personal and family dynamics modules of the Coaching Constellations Practitioner programmes.

She offers private, one to one constellation sessions over the telephone or skype as well as meeting people face to face in Salisbury. Lynn has attended many international conferences relating to systemic work and frequently facilitates bespoke days for groups in the UK and further afield.

John Whittington and Lynn met on a training in family constellations offered by what was then called The Hellinger Institute of Great Britain. John went on to specialise in coaching and organisational work and Lynn in family and personal work.

Lynn now walks alongside several participants of John’s programmes as a result of meeting on the trainings and workshops or by referral.

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Richard Spence

I am a coach, constellator and psychotherapist.

I’m passionate about constellations’ capacity to improve our professional resourcefulness and overall wellbeing. I’ve studied family constellations with Core Constellations and the Centre for Systemic Constellations, organisational constellations with Coaching Constellations and at the Hellinger Instituut where I completed the Master training in Systemic Work.

As an Executive coach, I work internationally with CEOs, boards, senior leaders and their teams to deepen trust, accountability and high-quality thinking.

I’m also a qualified psychotherapist with a Masters degree and Clinical Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy, a therapy which supports us to be more settled, creative and connected.

As a volunteer, I am a former co-director of Central London Samaritans and a trustee and previous first Chair of Trustees for the suicide charity ‘The Listening Place’ from inception to its current exponential growth.

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