Fundamentals Part I: Mapping the Field

Training in Systemic Coaching with Constellations

A two-day training in Sydney, Australia | Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st November 2023

“Extremely powerful personal and professional development.”

Alison Grace, Leadership Coach

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Alternative dates

NOTE: As a result of the level of interest, John will facilitate this training again in the same week.  The alternative date for the same training is on the 23rd & 24th and all details are here.

Mapping the Field

This engaging training is designed to introduce the systemic coaching and constellations methodology as applied in coaching individuals, groups and teams. It will benefit those who would like to better understand the hidden organising forces that sustain relationship systems and who would like to integrate a practical methodology for softening limiting dynamics. You may be a very experienced coach or more recently started on your journey.

What will be included?

In a very practical way the group will explore the stance, principles and practices of this ‘applied philosophy’ through the application of mapping and constellations in executive, leadership and team coaching. Highlights of the experiential training include:

  • A thorough introduction to the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching with visual mapping and constellations
  • The practical application of mapping and constellations in one-to-one coaching that you can use straight away
  • An introduction to working with teams using this applied philosophy
  • An understanding of your own systemic resources and loyalties and how they may inform and support your coaching


Participants are invited to read at least the first four chapters of the 3rd edition of  ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending. This will greatly enhance your learning and ability to apply it in your professional practice.

Your facilitator

This training will be led by the founder of Coaching Constellations John Whittington. For a brief introductory article to the thinking behind his book and this training please explore here.

What does it cost?

Fees for this training are as follows:

  • Individually funded – you are paying as a private individual, self-employed or freelance coach: $1,200 (+GST)
  • Sponsored – you are attending as an in-house coach, facilitator, behavioural change or organisation consultant funded by a substantial business: $2,000 (+GST)

You are welcome to reserve a place by using the ‘Book your place’ button below. Following submission of your application an invoice will be issued for a deposit of $250 (+GST). Payment of the deposit will secure your place as we fill all trainings on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Where can I find out more about this training?

Please explore the Trainings page which describes all stages of the learning journey of which this is a part.


This training, the first time it has been brought to Australia, is taking place at the invitation of Ingrid van der Aa and Vivi Aguiar of ‘As it Is Systemic Consulting‘. [To request more information please contact Ingrid here by email.] To apply for a place please use this application form or simply click on this button:

Continuing Professional Development

Participating in this introductory training, ‘Fundamentals Part I’, will provide each participant with a Certificate in Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Fundamentals Part I, together with 12 hours of ICF ‘Continuous Coaching Education Units’, split 8.5 hours ‘core’ and 3.5 hours ‘resource development’.

John will return to Australia in 2024 to facilitate the next stage of the learning journey, the three-day Part II.


To return to the Coaching Constellations Australia home page, where you will find dates and details for the May 2024 Part II training, please click here. All links open in a new window, so you will not lose your place.