Systemic Coaching and Constellations

Our Trainings in Ireland

Systemic coaching offers unique access to the hidden field of information and resources held in individuals, teams and other relational systems. Working with this field allows coaches to respectfully access and influence the hidden dynamics and restore flow.

Following an initial invitation in 2019 to offer the training to alumni of a coaching diploma programme in Dublin, demand grew and we are now delighted offer the training to coaches and ‘people professionals’ across Ireland.

Our two-day Part I ‘Mapping The Field’ training is a powerful introduction to the approach and connects participants to the power of the methodology whilst also clarifying professional and personal issues. The second part, our three-day Fundamentals Part II, ‘The Intelligence of the Field‘ takes participants a significant step forward into practice and application in one-to-one, teams and whole systems. Our Part IIIThe Language of the Field‘ is online and completes the core training.

For those who wish to go deeper and wider there is our ten day, partly residential, Practitioner training ‘Walking in the Field.’

The scheduled dates are listed below and we are also open to ‘by invitation’ trainings across Ireland.


2022 Training Dates

Wednesday 2nd to
Thursday 3rd November 2022

Fundamentals Part I with Michael Cahill
and Eileen Duggan

2023 Training Dates

Tuesday 31st January to
Thursday 2nd February 2023

Fundamentals Part II with Michael Cahill
and Eileen Duggan

Wednesday 1st to
Thursday 2nd March 2023

Fundamentals Part I with Michael Cahill
and Eileen Duggan

Wednesday 7th to
Thursday 8th June 2023

Fundamentals Part I with Michael Cahill
and Eileen Duggan

Tuesday 3rd to
Thursday 5th October 2023

Fundamentals Part II with Michael Cahill
and Eileen Duggan

Michael Cahill

Michael is passionate about learning and growth, is an NLP trainer, a certified ‘Time to Think’ consultant and keen student of the Enneagram – and integrates these approaches with his systemic coaching and coach supervision practice. His work is also underpinned by a deep understanding of value creation in business, having spent 16 years as a City analyst.

Michael began training in systemic coaching in 2015 and completed the Coaching Constellations ‘Fundamentals’, ‘Practitioner’ and  ‘Path to Mastery’ programmes in 2019. He now leads and co-facilitates on a number of our ‘Fundamentals’ trainings in London and Dublin as well as our international Practitioner programme. He shares his time between London, Dublin and Cork and always enjoys being in the country of his ancestors.

Eileen Duggan

Eileen originally invited this training to Ireland as a result of reading ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ whilst studying coaching at the UCD Michael Smurfit Business School. The first training was generously hosted by UCD and included several Alumni from the coaching diploma programmes.

Eileen, who lives in Kilkenny, completed the Coaching Constellations training journey in 2019 and uses it to nourish her work as a coach and facilitator. She is also keen to support others in their understanding of what this training offers and welcomes contact from those who would like to know more.

John Whittington

John is the founder of training company Coaching Constellations and the author of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations.’

Following Eileen’s original invitation and subsequent collaboration, John facilitated several trainings in Dublin before the start of the pandemic. He now focusses on mentoring the teaching team and supporting Michael and Eileen as they develop the trainings in Ireland. John now leads our new ‘Flowing with the Field’ learning path for those who have completed our Practitioner programme.

For more on John and his book please explore the international website and see below.

“The hidden rules of healthy relationship systems came alive in this wonderful experiential training.”

Cristian Nicolae, coach and facilitator

“I applied what we learnt and it helped my client understand the dynamics of her team in a completely new way!”

Nadege Welsch, Cross Cultural coach

“The Fundamentals training left me feeling enriched and curious.”

Sabine Stritch, Leadership Development coach

“This has given me confidence to embed the systemic approach”

Ori Wiener, coach and consultant

The Book

The 3rd edition of John’s book offers a thorough and very practical introduction to the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching with constellations. A rich resource of exercises and practical examples the book describes how this methodology can be applied to individuals, groups and teams. Participants of the workshops and trainings – whether new to this methodology or already experienced – are invited to read the book to enhance their learning and support their professional practice when applying it.

Author and coach John Whittington, has been Michael and Eileen’s principle teacher in this work and supports their teaching in Ireland.