Module ONE
Tuesday April 20th to
Saturday April 24th, 2021

Residential retreat, Andalusia, Spain
(Arrivals on Monday 19th)

Module TWO
Wednesday June 9th to
Friday June 11th, 2021
Central London, UK

Module THREE
Thursday July 8th to
Saturday July 10th, 2021

Central London, UK



This training will offer participants a deep personal and professional learning journey through the principles, practices and applications of systemic coaching and facilitation. The training will award each participant 60 hours of Professional Development made up of ICF accredited Continuous Coaching Education Units (CCEUs).

Application process
Applicants must have completed both our Fundamentals Parts I & II Trainings, should read and write a reflective review of Systemic Coaching & Constellations and complete the application form below.

Ten training days spread over three months in three modules (4 + 3 + 3 days) starting with a residential retreat in southern Spain, in late April 2021.

This practitioner training will be facilitated by John Whittington and a member of our core facilitation team, with the intention of creating a group where all participants have the opportunity to go to their learning edge, to practise and develop.

“This training offers a leap into a whole new world and is the most profound yet practical training I have been part of in over 20 years”

Maggie Rose, Executive coach and team facilitator. Coaching Constellations Practitioner

“A breathtaking location.”

Harsha Perera Practitioner

“With John it is ‘state-of-the art’. I’m very grateful for his experience and for the way he shares it.”

Séverine Barbette Executive coach

“This is a great location for the personal and professional development of Practitioner.”

Bertrand Beauregard Practitioner

MODULE 1 Venue

Molino de Santillán is known as ‘the hotel where silence can be heard’ and is nestled on the southern side of the Andalusian mountains 30 minutes east of Malaga. The mild climate provides an ideal environment in which to relax and open yourself to personal and professional growth in this retreat hotel, which Coaching Constellations occupies exclusively for the period, ensuring privacy and seclusion to refresh and develop your professional practice.

With all en-suite bedrooms, a swimming pool and Paddle Tennis court there is also plenty of room to relax amongst the lemon trees and wild flowers that emerge in early April. Apart from the handful of charming staff who run the hotel and prepare the sumptuous fresh food, the only other people you will meet will be your fellow-practitioners.

The photos and video on this page were shot during a Practitioner training in April, so reflect the venue and typical weather at that time of year.


  • Deepen your systemic stance and inner movement from helpful to useful
  • Build your understanding of the organising principles of systems and where they come from
  • Offer you multiple opportunities to practise in different contexts: individuals, groups and teams
  • Guide you in finding and offering the different kinds of systemic sentences
  • Give you affirming feedback on your facilitation and systemic coaching
  • Encourage you to explore the resources and loyalties in your own systems when working as a coach
  • Offer you practice in new ways of working one-to-one and further ways of working with groups and teams
  • Allow you to see the blocks and resources to organisational change through a systemic lens
  • Introduce you to structural constellation forms to use with self and with clients
  • Guide you in reading the patterns in ‘classical’ and ‘structural’ constellations
  • Expand your repertoire of ways to introduce a systemic perspective and methodology
  • Allow you to integrate systemic constellations alongside your other interventions
  • Give you opportunities to learn about particular systemic circumstances and the dynamics in them
  • Invite you to illuminate the patterns, difficulties and resources within your family-of-origin
  • Support you in working at the boundary of family and organisational issues

“I loved this venue. My room and balcony were perfect.”

Alison Grieve Practitioner

“I got more than I paid for. I paid for a training and got a vibrant learning community of forward thinkers dedicated to organisational health”

Oana Pop Coach

““This is unequivocally the best training I have participated in in the past twenty years.”

Sheena Bailey Coach Supervisor and Mentor Coach


  • Personal, Organisational and Systemic conscience
  • Belonging and loyalty in coaching leaders and teams through change
  • Understanding the importance of ‘guilt’ and ‘innocence’ in coaching
  • Exploring and illuminating the hidden dynamics in relationship systems
  • Identify, articulate and release systemic entanglements

This practitioner training will also include facilitator and peer feedback, guided meditations and other exercises and interventions. It will provide every participant with multiple opportunities to practise and develop their facilitation skills in pairs, triads, small and large group settings. Because the group will explore and illuminate issues brought by the participants many other issues and dynamics will also emerge which will provide rich developmental opportunities and learning for all.


  • Blind constellations
  • Inner constellations
  • Resourcing constellations
  • Integration constellations
  • ‘Walking in the Field’


Practitioners are required to read Systemic Coaching & Constellations (2nd edition, published in January 2016) prior to the training.

To hear Practitioners on the 2018 training talk about their experience of the book, in preparation for the training, please see the video here.

“John is a gifted insightful communicator in his writing and his teaching, both of which I’ve had the pleasure to experience and witness. He artfully brings this seemingly mysterious yet hugely transformative field to life. Prepare to be inspired!”

Liz Hall, editor of Coaching at Work.

“An extraordinary experience; spacious, profound, exhilarating – both personally and professionally. I am still integrating what a systemic approach means for my practice, but I know that it’s leading to an important shift in how I work with individuals and teams.”

Alison Lucas, Executive coach
Practitioner II


Module One

Refresh, resource, expand and practise

The first module – in our exclusive-use residential retreat – is an opportunity for you to relax, rest and restore your personal and professional vitality. The week begins with a complete refresh of the stance, principles and practices of the systemic approach and then goes deeper into each dimension and application building your capacity for facilitation in many contexts. You will have opportunities to practise in small and large groups so that you learn more about systems and the dynamics hidden within them.

This module, which includes a half day of leisure, includes a profound way of accessing relationship systems: ‘Walking in the Field.’

Module Two

Personal dynamics and family systems

The second module, three days in London, invites the group to explore personal and family dynamics.

Designed to resource and strengthen participants, this module is built around family constellations in their original form and is facilitated by guest trainer Lynn Stoney.

The group experience the underpinning principles through a more personal lens and explore how to respectfully boundary or include family issues in the context of a coaching session or team workshop.

This is an opportunity to clarify and soften entanglements as well as how to resource ourselves and our clients.


Module Three

Consolidate, integrate, blend

Module 3, three days in London, brings us back to the many practical ways to blend the systemic approach with existing practices when working with individuals, teams and groups. It’s also designed to deepen your connection to all your other professional experience and resources. With plenty of opportunities to practise in different contexts and group sizes you will feel prepared to go out into the world as a practitioner.

Within this module the group spends the middle day with guest trainer David Presswell,  who shares his unique way of blending this and other ways of working into a seamless whole.

“I really appreciate John’s humility and compassion which, combined with his deep attention to everything that is happening in the room, creates a climate of loving kindness. I’m very grateful for his experience and for the way he shares it.”

Séverine Barbette. Executive coach


John Whittington

JohnModules one, two and three

John will lead this training, teach and facilitate on all three modules. The founder of Coaching Constellations and author of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’, he is an experienced systemically-oriented coach and constellation workshop facilitator. He works with individuals, teams and large groups in multiple industry sectors and will bring his day to day application of the systemic stance and methodology into his teaching, facilitation and discussions. On this Practitioner training he will co-facilitate with a member of the teaching team.

Lynn Stoney

LynnModule two

Lynn facilitates a substantial part of the second module of this Practitioner training. She invites group members to explore and illuminate some of the limiting patterns and entanglements in their ‘Peacocks Tails’ and shows how apparently impossible knots and entanglements in our life experience can be softened and released through the constellations approach. Her approach allows the group to go into personal and family system issues whilst also learning about hidden patterns and dynamics in clients and client systems.

David Presswell

Version 2Module two

David is an executive coach and facilitator who works with senior leaders in global organisations. He facilitates the middle day of the third module where he shares the several ways he has developed of blending the systemic approach with 1:1 ways of working with leaders, as well as with teams and groups. This session is designed to support the integration of what you already know and what you’ve learnt through the systemic approach together, so you are feeling resourced and ready to take a blend of both into your professional practice.



Payment terms:
We are always open to discuss a schedule of payments that supports individual cash-flow patterns; please just ask. Our standard approach is as follows: 15% deposit on booking, 55% by March 1st, 2020 / 30% by June 1st, 2020.

We offer this training journey at three alternative fee levels, depending on the source of your funding. The fee level options are as follows:

£4,625 for private individuals, self-employed, freelance professionals – for all 3 modules.  The fee includes your en-suite accommodation, all food and refreshments at the residential retreat module.*

£5,550 for small coaching or other businesses with employees or associates – for all 3 modules of the training. The fee includes your en-suite accommodation, all food and refreshments at the residential retreat module.*

£6,475 for in-house coaches, leaders and HR/OD consultants funded or sponsored by a substantial business – for all 3 modules of the training. The fee includes your en-suite accommodation, all food and refreshments at the residential retreat module.*

*Excludes your own travel costs, and accommodation if required for London modules.

*Fees are liable to VAT at the standard rate. For more information on VAT please see this page.


To apply for Practitioner IX please click the button below.  If at this stage you would like to simply register your interest for this programme, please email our bookings and administration manager by clicking the ‘I am interested’ button.

If you are accepted onto the programme we will ask you to pay a deposit. Payment of the deposit will secure your place on the training. There are a maximum of 15 places available.