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“…systemic coaching constellations training is essential for anyone who works with people, organisations or groups.”

“This was a very absorbing and intense process, lots to digest and take on.

“I appreciate John’s way of group facilitating, full of respect, sensitivity, intuition and non judgement.”

PhDr. Anna Crkalová, Trainer and Coach, The Czech Republic.

“In addition to several profound insights about a way of living and being useful to my clients I learned several systemic exercises which I turned into my almost daily practice – telephone coaching, self-supervision, team exercises.”

Roman Chudoba Executive coach & mentor, The Czech Republic

“The learning to work with tabletop constellations has changed my approach to, and appreciation of, coaching. I find I can now work with clients in a way that quickly connects them with underlying and often unacknowledged issues using a framework that makes the complex simple. My clients enjoy working this way and become completely immersed in the unfolding scenarios.”

Rachael Northover, Independent Coach, UK.

“At one level, simple tools to apply in many coaching contexts; at another level, a paradigm shift.”

Ewan Armstrong, Independent Professional Development Coach. London, UK.

“This was a very absorbing and intense process, lots to digest and take on. John was very encouraging, insightful and empathic, with lots of experience to draw on. He held a very mixed group together very well.”

Jane KershawIndependent Coach. Cambridge, UK.

“The training exceeded my expectations – I thought it would be about techniques and it was more about a philosophy and way of being. An excellent thought provoking training, brilliantly facilitated, at times challenging and really stretched my thinking.”

Sally Bonneywell, Head of Coaching, GSK, Worldwide.

“Unbelievably powerful. Your coaching will be much richer for this insight into a systemic stance”

Steve Ridgley, Coach, facilitator and Head of Coaching for The John Lewis Partnership and Waitrose.

“Thought provoking and valuable for my coaching but also for self-development.”

Fiona InksterIndependent Coach and HR Director, Aberdeen, Scotland.

“This is very powerful work which is simultaneously simple and complex.”

Danielle Brooks, Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor, UK.

“This training has enriched my coaching and helped my clients to see their issues from different perspectives. It’s a dynamic and fun approach for both the client and the coach and I can now use it for one-to-one or for team coaching.”

Florence GranseConsultant, Coach and Trainer. Berlin, Germany.

Feedback on our Workshops

“I felt I was in the hands of an expert with real integrity.”

Alison Down, Leadership coach and facilitator, London, UK.

“A great day – full of useful coaching tools, and a rich personal experience of the unique power of constellations to significantly resolve issues. Thank you.”

Ruth Grodek, Independent Executive Coach. Shaftesbury, UK.

“The constellation approach is ideal for coaches who are used to working deeply one to one and are interested in translating that knowledge into a group environment.”

Richard Evans-Lacey, Independent Registered Psychotherapist and coach. London, UK.

“This was a great introduction to the great benefits of Constellations in coaching.”

Elaine Harris, Independent Coach, UK.

“An informative insight to the world of systemic constellations used in coaching individuals and teams, facilitated by John in a relaxed and congenial environment that was thoroughly engaging.”

Carole Davidson, Independent Executive Business Coach. Shaftesbury, UK.

“For those with an interest in how constellations work in an organisational setting this is the perfect introduction..”

Helen Battersby, leadership development.

“John’s teaching and demonstrating was extremely clear.”

Richard Pantlin, Social Care Systems Consultant. Oxford, UK.

“John demonstrated the technique, language and mood needed for effectiveness – with humour and a pace that allowed time for questions and assimilation.”

Juliet Fallowfield, Executive Coach. London and Asia, UK.

“I was not prepared for just how much I got out of a single day’s introduction. Great insight into the power and potential of this approach.”

Lisa Riccardi, Director, Hertfordshire Probation Trust.

“I’m a leader, not a coach and have no previous experience in this field. I was expecting to feel on the periphery but this was not the case. I felt welcome and included and left feeling I’d learnt a great deal and inspired to learn more”

Peter Newman, Partner, Applied Works.