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Coaching Constellations in the Baltic & Nordic region

Training in Systemic Coaching and Constellations

If you would like to integrate a practical methodology for respectfully resolving limiting dynamics in individuals, groups and teams, then this  training will engage and resource you. You may be a very experienced coach or more recently started on your journey.

Coaching Constellations has been training coaches and other learning and development professionals in coaching with constellations (an external map of the clients’ internal reality) since 2009. Developed from a London, UK, base the training is now offered by members of the teaching team in English and the local language in France, Poland, Romania, Germany, the UK, US, Australia and by invitation worldwide. For more on the Baltic and Nordic region teaching team please see below.

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2023 Training Dates

Fundamentals PART I

September 14th & 15th 2023

Laulasmaa, Estonia
Fundamentals Part I: Mapping the Field
with Piret Bristol & Sigrid Melts


Fundamentals PART II

November 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2023

Laulasmaa, Estonia
Fundamentals Part II: The Intelligence of the Field
with Piret Bristol & Sigrid Melts


Piret Bristol

Piret is a coach, supervisor and tutor with more than 20 years of international experience. She has an MA in psychology, and is trained as a Gestalt therapist. She has work experience as a manager, team trainer and teacher in different educational settings.

In 2017 she invited John Whittington to bring the Coaching Constellations trainings to Estonia and since then she has been training in systemic coaching with constellations.

Piret is founder and lead tutor in the International Supervision and Coaching Institute, Estonia and visiting tutor in Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. She is an individual and team coach and board member of the Association of National Organisations for Supervision and Coaching in Europe. Piret began to teach for Coaching Constellations in the summer of 2022.

Sigrid Melts

Sigrid is an executive and team coach and coaching supervisor. She is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and facilitates mindfulness courses for teams and individuals. She is a teacher in an educational programme of supervisors and coaches in an International Supervision and Coaching Institute. She has many years of experience in a senior management team of an international education institution.

She has been facilitating constellations and working systemically since 2009. In 2022 she graduated from Coaching Constellations annual Practitioner programme. 

Presence based techniques of ‘Circling Coaching’ and embodiment practices contribute and strengthen Sigrid`s ability to trust the power of here and now and the flow of constellations. Sigrid started to teach for Coaching Constellations in the summer of 2022.

John Whittington

John Whittington, founder of Coaching Constellations and author of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations‘, was first invited, by Piret, to teach the Fundamentals programme in Estonia in 2017. Sigrid was in that first training group and both have continued to learn with Coaching Constellations. John has returned several times to facilitate Fundamentals Part I and II. in 2022 John invited Piret and Sigrid to join the international teaching team so as to continue sharing this systemic approach to coaching in Estonia and across the region. John now supports their work in teaching the Fundamentals Part I and co-facilitates Part II with them.

John is an experienced systemically-oriented coach and constellations facilitator. He works with coaches, leaders and teams in multiple contexts and offers a safe and respectful space in which people can learn and develop as human beings.

His understanding of the dynamics that sustain and limit life, relationships and organisational systems offers a wealth of wisdom that’s expressed through his facilitation of constellations, teaching and writing. Together with a deep commitment to his own continuous personal and professional development this ensures a deep learning for all.

The Book

In response to the interest in ‘Systemic Coaching and Constellations’  when it was first  published in 2012 it was updated and published in 2nd Edition in 2016. In June 2020 the expanded 3rd edition was published and offers a comprehensive and yet very practical introduction to the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching and constellations. It is a rich resource of exercises and practical examples of how this methodology can be applied to individuals, groups and teams. Participants of the workshops and trainings – whether new to this methodology or already experienced – are invited to read the book to enhance their learning and experiment with applying it.

Author John Whittington, was originally invited to teach in Estonia by Piret in 2017. Over the several trainings in Estonia since,  John became Piret and Sigrid’s principle teacher in this work and now supports them in their teaching and facilitation of constellations.

“I wouldn’t have believed the simple power of this approach had the training not been so experiential. It was excellent and I found the examples very helpful to understand how the methodology could be applied with individuals and teams.”

Nicola Maxwell, Fundamentals Part I, Edinburgh, 2020

“This is unequivocally the best training I have participated in in the past twenty years.”

Sheena Bailey, (PCC) coach and coach supervisor

“I applied what we learnt and it helped my client understand the dynamics of her team in a completely new way!”

Nadege Welsch, Cross Cultural coach

“The quality of facilitation and teaching is very high. Inspiring!”

Orianne Corman, coach and facilitator

“The Fundamentals training left me feeling enriched and curious.”

Sabine Stritch, Leadership Development coach

“Extremely powerful personal and professional development.”

Alison Grace, leadership coach

“The hidden rules of healthy relationship systems come alive in this wonderful experiential training.”

Cristian Nicolae. Executive coach