“I highly recommend this to any coach who is struggling to facilitate complex organisational dynamics.” 

This is a very useful two days offering the opportunity to work with energy in a different way but also providing practical tools for use with clients

An excellent way to immerse yourself in systemic coaching and emerge with some practical tools and a solid grounding in the underlying principles.

It was a great personal experience that made me reflect on my own behaviour and provided me with new tools and practices.

Not only do you discover something of the entanglements and deep resources in your own systems, but you develop your ability to be of real use to others. That’s what makes the Practitioner Training potentially life-changing.

I’ve visited many teachers and practitioners of constellations across Europe. John is outstanding in his gentle and non dogmatic approach. I enjoy his humor as well as the safety he creates.

This is unequivocally the best training I have participated in in the past twenty years.

This truly systemic approach to coaching takes one far beyond the boundaries of ‘training’ and into ‘transformation’. John’s extensive knowledge combined with his calming and respectful presence is highly effective.

I have been learning all the time from John’s great modelling of what it means to work, think and be systemic as a practitioner.

“As Morpheus says to Neo: ‘You take the blue pill, the story ends. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.’ This training takes you deep.”

This training offers a fantastic insight to the felt sense that clears the mind to take action.”

“John is a master facilitator and expert at getting to the nub of presenting issues, using the constellations methodology to tackle issues I would have never imagined possible.”

“John holds the space that connects and honours the needs of the system with the inquiry of the client. He is the stance of systemic work personified.”

“This has given me confidence to embed the systemic approach.”

“This a clear process to work with complex issues.

This is an enlightening programme, excellently facilitated.”

John has a depth of experience and ability to speak to what emerges from the field with the ease and familiarity of practical mastery.”

“Part I was simply superb! It enabled real experiential learning and generated insights that I believe will be transformative in my coaching practice.”

“…systemic coaching constellations is essential for anyone who works with people, organisations or groups.”

“This training is more profound than anything else I’ve encountered, professionally or personally.”

This far exceeded my expectations. Well worth travelling across the globe for this experience.”

In Fundamentals Part II the penny drops and gives you a much greater depth of understanding.”

“I applied what we learnt on Part I and it helped my client understand the dynamics of her team in a completely new way!

“This is very powerful work which is simultaneously simple and complex.”
“The most impactful training I have attended in the past 20 years. Thank you.”

“A powerful way to get ‘out of your head’ and experience the issue at a deeper level.”

“I recommend this course very highly.”

“The quality of John’s facilitation and teaching is very high and deeply respectful. Inspiring!”

“Thank you for an inspiring insight into a whole new way to coach.”

“I was looking for someone new to learn from and I soon knew I’d made the right decision.”

The Learning Journey

Whether you choose to integrate this perspective and methodology into your individual coaching practice or prefer to focus on group and team facilitation, you are welcome to begin your journey of discovery on our 2-day experiential training, the Fundamentals Part I. Please see the detailed description below.

Having learnt the essentials of the stance, principles and practices and started to apply them in your work, you may feel ready to participate in our 3-day Fundamentals Part II training. This level resources you to go deeper and extend your understanding and application in individual work, supervision, with teams, groups and whole systems. In Fundamentals Part II you will be offered a refresh of what you learnt in Part I as well as be supported as you facilitate a small-group constellation. The combination enables you to apply the approach in more settings with increasing fluency.

All embodied practices take time and so for those who want to bring the stance, principles and practices into the core of their practice as a coach, facilitator or consultant our ‘Practitioner‘ training is available.

Each of these three incremental levels of experiential training is available in London, UK and by invitation worldwide.  Both Fundamentals Part II and Practitioner level are, until 2020, facilitated by John Whittington author of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations‘ and the facilitation team. Please note that this is not a training in coaching but a journey into systemic coaching for those already practising as a coach or in a similar facilitation, learning, HR or leadership/organisational development role.

We limit the size of our training groups to maximise learning.
They are often fully booked several weeks in advance, so please note that we work on a ‘first come first served’ basis and that payment secures your place.

An overview of each level of training is given below.

Fundamentals Training

Systemic Coaching & Constellations


Fundamentals Part I

Mapping Systems

In our introductory two-day training (formerly known as ‘The Essentials of Systemic Coaching’) the group explores the practical application of constellations in personal, professional and team development coaching. The experiential training is built around a core curriculum of systemic exercises, constellations and dialectic teaching to introduce the understanding and application into each individual’s repertoire. As part of this programme there are also opportunities to practise application in one-to-one coaching as this is often the most effective place to build your understanding and confidence before progressing to application with teams or groups.

The Fundamentals Part I curriculum includes: the organising principles that sustain and limit systems; application in one-to-one settings; two exercises to use with teams, an introduction to the use of movement and sentences. The training provides opportunities for participants to bring their professional and client issues for exploration through constellations. It is often through the illumination of current pressing issues that we learn most and from where some of the richest teaching emerges.

Many participants have identified this mix of teaching and facilitated experiential learning through constellations as one from which they gain in many ways. 

For the next Fundamentals Part I training please check our DIARY page.

Training participants are encouraged to read at least the FAQs, together with the first chapter of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending this experiential training. This will significantly enhance the learning and ability to apply it in practice.

This Fundamentals Part I training awards 12 hours CPD, ICF CCEUs and a certificate in ‘The Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Part I’.  Completion of Part II will award further CPD and ICF CCEUs together with a certificate in ‘The Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Part II’.


Fundamentals Part II

Constellating Systems

Fundamentals Part II, facilitated by founder and author John Whittington, offers a deeper journey into the application of this applied philosophy and is for coaches, facilitators and organisational consultants who have completed the Fundamentals Part I training and who want to deepen their understanding and develop their application in one-to-one, team and group settings. This level of the training journey includes more exercises to use with teams, how to use systemic questioning in coaching and organisational consulting, further insights into the meaning and impact of personal and systemic conscience and the hidden loyalties that emerge. Part II also goes deeper into the use of ‘systemic sentences’ that name truths and illuminate possibilities, as well as resourcing  constellations that support personal and professional development.

As well as illuminating issues and questions brought by group members, you will explore the application of structural forms including a Tetralemma constellation. This can be useful when working with people who are new to the approach, whether individuals or teams.

At the Fundamentals Part II level the group explores how to develop qualities of systemic leadership in their clients whether individuals, teams or whole systems.

At this stage of the journey you will also have opportunities to facilitate live constellations using other group members as representatives.

This three-day training has proved to be a turning point for many coaches as they learn to embody and apply the principles and practices underpinning this profound methodology.

Like all our trainings it invites you to explore the ‘Peacock’s tail’ behind you so that you are able to access the resources within it.

For the next Fundamentals Part II training please check our DIARY page.

Training participants are required to read at least the first and last chapter of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending this experiential training. This will significantly enhance the learning and ability to apply it in practice.

This Fundamentals Part II training awards 18 hours CPD, ICF CCEUs and a certificate in ‘The Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Part II’.



Facilitating Systems

Our 10-day Practitioner training journey is for those who have completed both parts of Fundamentals and who wish to integrate this approach more deeply into their work and life. (You may apply as soon as you have completed Fundamentals Part I and booked a place on Fundamentals Part II.)

The learning journey begins with a residential module in a European retreat and includes a refresh of the learning to date plus a mix of practice, illumination of issues and questions that arise in the group. Then the journey deepens and widens to expand your systemic intelligence and broaden your ability to apply that in multiple contents.

The training is often described by participants as a personal as much as a professional development learning experience. Exploring your own systemic resources and entanglements is indeed key to building the inner stance of this approach. The integration of the learning in this way goes on to form the essential underpinning of the inner attitude towards system dynamics that is so central to the application of this way of working. Please review the dedicated Practitioner page in the link below for more details.

Our first Practitioner training began in the autumn of 2012 with a residential in the south of France and two further modules in London ending in the spring of 2013. This group still meets regularly to deepen and develop their practice. The second Practitioner group began their journey in September 2015 and completed in January 2016. They meet regularly in peer practice groups internationally. Practitioner III began in Italy in September 2016 and created a vibrant community of learning and practice. Practitioner IV began in our new home for this training in Spain, overlooking The Mediterranean in April 2017 and completed in July 2017. Several members of this group have gone on to offer public workshops and trainings. Practitioner V completed in summer 2018 and continues to connect in a number of ways and locations, and Practitioner VI completed in July 2019. Practitioner VII, which was due to begin in April 2020 was cancelled due to covid-19, and our next, Practitioner VIII (which is now fully booked) begins in September 2020. The next with spaces available is Practitioner IX, beginning in April 2021, please SEE HERE for details and bookings.

Participants are required to read ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending the Practitioner training. This significantly enhances the learning and ability to apply it in practice.

Practitioner training awards 60 CPD hours and ICF CCEUs .

“Imagine all the systems in which your client has belonged,
behind them, like a Peacock’s tail…”
“Consider all the systems in which you have
belonged, like a Peacocks tail just behind you…”
“We cannot work systemically with our clients unless we
take some time to understand our own belonging in systems…”