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The stance, principles and practices that we teach have at their heart an understanding of the deep human need to belong. As a result and because we want to offer ongoing learning opportunities that support you in facilitating the approach in your own context, we curate a private online community for those who have trained with us.

Within this community you will find articles, links and resources. You will also find regular online workshops in our ‘Masterclass Series’ on a range of subjects and contexts facilitated by the international teaching team.

In that mix of workshops we offer our regular deep dives into working online in a 1-2-1 context, as well as a workshop designed to resource you to work with teams online. Around those two core workshops we offer a range of subject-specific ‘Spotlight’ workshop experiences as you can see in the diary on this page. We aim to keep all groups small with around 6, maximum 8 people. 



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20th Spotlight workshop: Somatic Coherence


4th Spotlight workshop: Restoring Resources and Flow: a trauma informed approach to systemic coaching


7th 1-2-1 systemic coaching: one-day masterclass

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How it works


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The purpose of this community is to create a space where coaches, facilitators and L&OD professionals can share, learn and grow their practice through the stance, principles and practices that underpin systemic coaching with constellations.

Open to anyone who has trained with us

Once you start your learning journey with us you will be invited into the community and will receive a welcome email with a ‘Join Me’ link. Click the link to setup your account.

  1. Enter your name
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Enter your email address, create a password, agree to the T&C’s and click ‘Create Account’.

Click on your face in the top right corner of the page, then choose ‘View Profile’. 


 Insert your details including the ‘Introduce Yourself’ section then ‘Save’ & ‘Close’

Click on your face, then ‘Your Settings’, then ‘Text Me The App’ where you can enter your mobile number. Note: Using the App on your mobile is by far the easiest and best way to access the community.