Resourcing flow and coherence

Module one | Spain

Monday 26th to Friday 30th September 2022

Module Two | Online

Friday 21st October 2022

Module Three | London

Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th November 2022

Resourcing flow and coherence through systemic facilitation


This learning journey offers an opportunity to resource yourself, your work and your life, through a deepening connection to and trust in the flow of the field. The field in you as a human being, as a facilitator or coach and then in others. It is for those who would like to learn more about how to create the conditions for flow and coherence in systems of all kinds. For, when we can support those conditions to emerge, we can catalyse a deep and lasting impact within the systems we come alongside, create, lead or inhabit.

Whether you would like to learn more about how to facilitate classical constellations to enrich your existing systemic practice, or simply immerse yourself in the larger fields we are all held in, you’ll be welcome. This programme will offer you a fresh opportunity to expand your understanding, deepen your systemic awareness and strengthen your connection with the intelligence, entanglements and resources held in all fields.

Systemic constellations, exercises, teaching and supported practice with structured feedback in the whole and small groups will form the core of this experiential deeper dive into the flow and coherence of systems.

Who is this for?
This learning path is open to coaches and facilitators who have completed the Coaching Constellations’ Practitioner training and who would like to:

  • Swim with more ease in the river of knowledge, insight and practices that make this applied philosophy so distinctive and effective
  • Have the work and method in their heart and the heart of the practice
  • Take the method and underpinning philosophy more confidently and safely forward in their particular context, in their way
  • Deepen and enrich their existing ability to walk in the field of insight that every constellation offers and facilitate what emerges
  • Learn more about the organising forces in human systems and how they show up in life, in relationships and in organisational life. And know what to do about them.
  • Build knowledge and systemic practice around specific subjects. For example: money, food, siblings, parents/parenting, couples, founders, family businesses, culture, purpose, working with trauma, health and illness. As well as in different contexts, for example: family, social and organisational.
  • Move from pattern to presence, from story to sentence, from rapport to resonance, from innocence to guilt and conversation to constellation.

Teaching, exercises and group constellations will be offered throughout that resource both personal insights, professional clarity and deepening of applicable knowledge. All enquiries around the application of constellation principles and practices in multiple contexts will be welcome.

The training will award each participant 60 hours of Professional Development made up of ICF accredited Continuous Coaching Education Units (CCEUs).


Module One
Monday September 26th (arrivals on Sunday evening, free afternoon on Wednesday) through to Friday 30th (depart after lunch) September 2022

A week of personal and professional development through teaching, exercises and facilitation practice in our beautiful, exclusive-use hillside retreat with views to the Mediterranean.

The learning experience
The residential retreat and the two subsequent modules of this 2022 Facilitator programme will be facilitated by John Whittington and Michael Cahill.  Together they create a spacious, respectful and resourcing developmental learning space where all participants have the opportunity to grow in specific areas of their choice, whilst also learning in the company of others with similar professional interests and training.

The learning will be built in several different ways designed to deepen then expand your existing knowledge and practice. From peer-practice sessions, a reading group and the opportunity to bring guest clients in the third module, participants will be immersed in the stance, principles and practices that support effective facilitation.

Participants will be invited to submit a reflective journal by the end of the training that combines and integrates their learning outcomes from the peer-reading and peer-practice groups, the learning modules themselves and the teaching, practice and feedback offered within them.

Designed to flow from one day, and one module, to the next this journey offers to resource you in several ways. As a facilitator of constellations, as a human being and as a professional.

There are many effective and safe ways to facilitate a constellation – come and find yours within the frame of the stance, principles and practices that underpin this applied philosophy, restoring flow to relational systems.

This learning path is created from the combined energies and intentions of ‘Coaching Constellations’ and ‘Life, Love Leadership’. A mixture of teaching and deeply experiential learning designed to resource the flow of life, professional practice, personal development and relationship systems of all kinds.

The journey of a systems-orientated facilitator is a continuous one. It requires an ongoing deepening of knowledge combined with regular practice in trusting the knowing field to emerge, flow and resource you.”

John Whittington

Module one venue

Molino de Santillán, Spain

Nestled on the southern side of the Andalusian mountains 30 minutes east of Malaga, Molino de Santillán is known as ‘the hotel where silence can be heard’. We have the whole venue on an exclusive basis.

An organic vegetable garden supplies the kitchens, a fresh water swimming pool and all en-suite private bedrooms ensure nourishment and rest. There is also plenty of room to relax amongst the lemon trees and wild flowers. Local walks, massages and trips can be arranged with the hotel reception.  

The large yoga studio, overlooking the gardens and the sea, is the heart of the venue and our workshop space.  

Watch the short video above to get a sense of Molino de Santillán which was, until 2019, the venue for Coaching Constellations’ annual Practitioner training. You can see more of the venue, including the main workshop space, in that context here.

“Inside every one of us is a garden and every practitioner has to go back to their garden and take care of it.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

“Knowledge without practice is useless. Practice without knowledge is dangerous.”



Throughout this three-module learning journey there will be teaching, experience, handouts and mentoring on every aspect of facilitating constellations, system-orientated interventions and the many expressions of the underpinning philosophy in multiple contexts. As a result there will be several opportunities to clarify, align and resource yourself as you bring your own personal and professional issues and challenges, for illumination and clarity. Throughout the journey we will all be anchored in the three familiar foundations of this work. Stance, Principles and Practices. 


The inner state of the facilitator

This work, in whatever context it is applied, is underpinned by the stance of the facilitator and the state that they induce in themselves and the group.

Through exercises, teaching and rich experience you will get multiple opportunities to connect with the systemic stance, the inner attitude which, when combined with the principles and practices, leads to such clarity and insight. 


Facilitating with the principles in mind

A deepening connection with the underpinning organising principles of all systems is an essential part of the facilitator journey and forms the backbone of all systemic work.   

Understanding how these principles then apply in different contexts is an important knowledge base to build. You will learn more about how to see which principles are being violated – and what to do, say or offer within a constellation or other systemic intervention.



Application of stance and principles

We will break down the whole process of facilitation so that you are left with a clear route map through the ebb and flow of a constellation and therefore all other systemic interventions.

This will include identifying when a constellation (or other systemic intervention) may be useful, all the way through the contracting, identification of entanglements, hidden loyalties and resources to the de-roling, harvesting of insights and resourcing of next steps.


Because this work is rooted in an understanding of how family systems are best aligned for flow and coherence we will include teaching and experiential learning around family dynamics with a particular focus on how we can access the resources held within our own ancestral field.  

“If we want to work deeply with other people we need to access the depths in ourselves.”

Hunter Beaumont

“The healing we do in ourselves becomes the healing we bring to the world.”

Mark Wolynn

Re-sourcing the heart

As a facilitator of constellations we need to be deeply resourced through an ongoing journey back to our roots and sources. 

This aspect of the work is essential whenever you facilitate or coach with the whole system in mind so that you are resourced and can facilitate the same in others.

Through a combination of personal and family constellations and teaching, we will spend the evenings in the first module, connecting back into our parents and ancestral fields to dissolve limiting patterns and entanglements, freeing up our energy to be fully present and in flow with the life we were given.

Re-sourcing the body

Systemic coaching and facilitating constellations is an embodied practice. Staying connected to our physical body, our nervous and musculoskeletal systems, is how we access the ‘knowing field’ beyond, which underpins the work.  

Santillan, our exclusive-use home for the week long residential, has access to many different kinds of body-workers that support their yoga retreats.

So, you can can book, at a small additional cost, massages and other body-based-support to resource you as you rest, relaxing your physical, mental and spiritual self.

    “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    “How to be an effective facilitator of constellions? You need to be at peace with both your parents.”

    Bert Hellinger


    The way each member of this group applies the learning from this journey will be different. Perhaps you would like to just be in the field of this work again and enjoy the ongoing deepening. Perhaps you would like to resource yourself as a systemic coach, trainer or facilitator. Perhaps you would like to explore taking this applied philosophy into areas that have not yet benefitted from it.

    As a result of the rich mix of intentions and needs there will be useful discussion and examples of how to apply all systemic insights, understanding and practical skills in your context.

    Guest Clients

    To support real-time experience of facilitating constellations for clients we will be inviting participants to consider if they are able to invite a client to attend the third module in London.

    The resulting constellations can be facilitated by a member or members of the group with the support of the trainers and so will give an opportunity to hold a number of client issues in the group and in service of the groups learning.

    Resourcing your journey

    This professional development journey will provide those with similar experience in constellations with opportunities to deepen their underpinning knowledge, refresh their facilitation skills and participate in constellations, systemic exercises and guided meditations. It will provide every participant with multiple opportunities to develop in pairs, triads, small and large group settings.

    To support your learning and growth you are encouraged to subscribe to the online ‘LifeLoveLeadership’ community in order to enable access to the many articles authored by John there. Also to subscribe to ‘The Knowing Field‘, the international systemic constellations journal which is published quarterly and has many useful articles about every aspect and application of the systemic approach.

    A separate book list and video links will be shared as part of the onboarding process. You will be also invited to create self-managed reading and learning groups in order to share and deepen knowledge.

    “Sensitive, safe and very respectful.
    John creates a powerful learning experience.”

    Nadine H

    “Michael’s connection to the field and demonstration of the skills required is exceptional and aspirational.”

    Naomi W


    John Whittington

    John Whittington, founder of ‘Coaching Constellations’ will hold the space and facilitate this integrated personal and professional development journey.

    The author of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’, he is an experienced systemically-oriented alignment coach and constellations facilitator. He works with coaches, leaders and teams in multiple contexts and offers a safe and respectful space in which people can learn and develop as human beings.

    His understanding of the dynamics that sustain and limit life, relationships and organisational systems offers a wealth of wisdom that’s expressed through his facilitation of constellations.

    Together with a deep commitment to his own continuous personal and professional development this ensures a deep learning for all.

    Michael Cahill

    Michael is a systemic coach, facilitator and very experienced teacher. He has worked closely with John over the past four years on every aspect of the Coaching Constellations learning journey and co-created with him both our new ‘Part III’, ‘Practitioner’ and this ‘Facilitator’ journey. Michael and John co-facilitated Practitioner until spring 2022 whilst also bringing other team members alongside to work with Michael going forward.

    Based in London, Michael also works extensively in Dublin and across Ireland. Passionate about learning and growth, he is an NLP Trainer, ‘Time to Think’ consultant and keen student of the Enneagram – and integrates these approaches into his Systemic Coaching.

    His work is also underpinned by a deep understanding of value creation, leadership and organisational dynamics, having spent 16 years working in the City of London.

    “Learn the rules like a pro. Break them like an artist.”

    Pablo Piacsso

    “There are a hundred ‘right ways’ to facilitate a constellation.”

    Judith Hemming


    Payment terms:
    Our standard approach is as follows: 15% deposit on booking, 55% by September 1st, then the remaining 30% by November 1st, 2022. We are always open to discuss a schedule of payments that supports individual cash-flow patterns; please just ask.

    Note: Please note that to complete the Facilitator journey you must participate in all three modules and two peer-practice sessions in between module one and two or two and three. Some reading and viewing (from a fresh reading and online resource list) will be encouraged as well as a written reflection.

    This learning journey is offered at three alternative fee levels, depending on the source of your funding. The fee level options are below, please select one that reflects your situation:

    £4,150 for private individuals, self-employed, freelance professionals – for all 3 modules.  The fee includes your en-suite accommodation, all food and refreshments at the residential retreat module.*

    £4,950 for small coaching or other businesses with employees or associates – for all 3 modules of the training. The fee includes your en-suite accommodation, all food and refreshments at the residential retreat module.*

    £5,450 for in-house coaches, leaders and HR/OD consultants funded or sponsored by a substantial business – for all 3 modules of the training. The fee includes your en-suite accommodation, all food and refreshments at the residential retreat module.*

    *Excludes your own travel costs for module one and three and any accommodation if required for the third, London module.

    *Fees are liable to VAT at the standard rate. For more information on VAT please see this page.

    Note: Individual mentoring before, during and/or after the ten-day journey is available from Michael, John and other members of the Coaching Constellations teaching team at a reduced rate. 

    Interested but not this year?
    This programme will be offered annually. The dates of the first, residential module in Spain, in 2023, are Sunday September 24th through to Friday 29th 2023. Module two is online on Friday October 20th 2023, and module three in central London on Monday November 13th to Wednesday November 15th 2023.